Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Key to Successful Marriage

My best friend, an upper-middle class African-American lawyer called me up the other day with an interesting thesi

"'Truth', he says; I think I've discovered the key to a happy marriage."

This piqued my interest, as his marriage has featured infidelity, property destruction, and multiple calls to the police.

"Every woman is crazy", he continued, "and every man is selfish. The key is for both parties to realize it, and for a woman to make herself 10% less crazy, and for a man to become 10% less selfish."

He delayed to let the genius sink in.

"Once you have that, expecting anything else is just asking too much."

I pondered it for hours, put it through the paces, and looked critically at my relationship, his relationship and that of others...and I have to say, it works for me.

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Dr. Stephen J. Krune III said...

jesus christ this is the worst fucking blog in existence