Sunday, July 19, 2009


So, you're here.

And you're probably asking yourself the same question I tend to ask myself upon discovering a new blog..."What the fuck is this bullshit?"

A blog is a little like a diary; you squeeze a little of your blood through your skin and onto the keyboard in the desperate hope that it's going to form a nice red pattern. You write about what's dear to you, interests you, or makes the world rumble underneath your feet. And you hope that a few other people feel that rumble as well.

Well, for me, it's not a rumble, it's an avalanche; and the bird at the top of the mountain that flew away with the one balancing straw to build a nest is "The Truth."

I like it plain, unadulterated, undiluted and unadorned. My purpose for living is taking an event, feeling, judgement, situation, or idea and releasing it from all self-serving falsehood, and letting it float to the top being 99 44/100% pure.

I feel like a carpenter adding a forth leg to a wobbly three leg tripod (would that make it a quadpod?) so that it can become the platform for beautiful pictures. I love removing the MSG and Red dye #97 from an excellent meal. I'm enamored with The Truth because there is nothing more beautiful; or arguably more rare.

Now if you're like me you have one thought going through your mind after reading this introduction: "What the fuck is this bullshit."

Well, keep reading this blog and maybe we can elucidate each other.

Besides I suck at gardening.


Feygele Goy said...

Loved your commentary on the Gregory Cochran article and your replies to racial supremecists. We need more good folks like you who reason calmly instead of yelling insults.

I didn't think, "What the fuck is this bullshit?" I thought, "Fun intro. Write more!"

Hope to read more in the future. I'll check back again.

Truth said...


I just need a little more motivation. I'm kind of a lazy sort you know.

Anonymous said...

So you got sucked in. First you decided to open a blog to go with your Google account, then its emptiness finally gets you to put up a post.

This is a lot better than the Hello World posts that a lot of people put up.

Chic Noir said...

hello truth, I've missed you.

anonymous said...

So far you are doing a pretty sorry job of living up to "Why?" Is this really the stuff that is near and dear to you? Too bad, you had a great intro...